Weespertrekvaart – Amsterdam

Client: NL Architects

Architect: NL Architects


Contractor: Koelewijnbouw

What we supply:

Engineering, production and montage of

  • Window frames and sliding doors
  • Aluminum cladding
  • Aluminum flashings
  • Total: approximately 660 m2

More information: 

The roots of the Kop Weespertrekvaart lie within the country estate Solitudo or Lindenhoeve, built here in the 18th century by wealthy Amsterdammers. This shady green garden was the inspiration for the development of the area today. Along the Weespertrekvaart two rows of self-build homes and a small harbor will be build. In the summer of 2016, all 23 plots, in two rows one behind the other, will be ready to start the building process. The two residents of Lot 8 and 9 have chosen Prince Cladding Benelux BV to create there facade, due to the integrated approach of the window frames and the cladding to ensure harmony and quality in there facade.