Metal Roof Cladding

Deep deck profiles

A deep deck profile is a profiled steel substructure that is finished on top with, for example, insulation. The structural steel substructure is suitable for spans up to 7500 mm. The panels are available in various finishes such as coated, uncoated and perforated. The perforated panel combined with sealed mineral wool makes for good sound absorption. This panel also has good acoustic qualities.

Cold roof decking

Are you working on an application where thermal insulation is not required, you can use a cold roof decking. These are intended to be put on sloping or round roofs. Because cold roof decking is usually used singly without isolation, the panels are provided with anti-condensation membrane on the inside in order to prevent condensation drips. Cold Roof panels are also regularly used in the façade as an alternative to trapezoidal facade panels.