Metal Cladding

Liner Trays

Liner Trays in combination with glass wol insulation, is the perfect solution for a building. Also for sound insulation, liner trays are a perfect fit because these can be deliverd perforated.

Sinusoidal Profiles

Sinusoidal Profiles are primarily used for industrial buildings, offices and homes. There are three different versions of the profiles, and there is a wide range of colors and coating possibilities.

Trapezoidal Profiles

The trapezoidal profile is the most used out of all the panels. The shape has been developed over many years and has a good capacity as well as a good span.

Pyramid Profiles

Pyramid profiles offer many options in the facade. Because of it’s point structure the panels create beautiful lines on the exterior of a building.

Special Profiles

The special profiles give façades an aesthetic appeal. These profiles are often a combination of several profile plates which have been combined, for a more exciting image.

Plank Profiles

For an optically flat facade with modern clean lines, plank profiles are great. For a few types of plank profiles the attachment is concealed for an aesthetically pleasing result.