K-Tower – Kortrijk

Client: THV K-Tower

Architect: Philippe Samyn and Partners


Contractor: Groep van Roey

What we supply:

Engineering, production and montage of

  • Aluminum cassettes in three different colors
  • Insulation and substructure
  • Total: approximately 3500 m2

More information: 

The new K-Tower offers 64 luxury apartments and an exclusive penthouse, spread over 19 floors. It is built along the river Lys in a city where barely any high-rise is present. There are underground parking spaces, garages, bicycle parking and individual storage spaces. The floors are each divided into apartments with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and a spacious terrace. This structure is flexible so that apartments can be joined togeather.

The tower is designed to express the vitality and the creativity of the region. It will be build in materials that give it a special character. The alternation of closed and open parts of the facade gives it a certain dynamic. Due to its architectural value and sustainable materials the new K-Tower will enrich the cityscape. The adjusted new tower will look slimmer and more elegant than the old one.

The construction of the new K-Tower will constantly take into account future generations. By making use of light and heat, the architecture reduces the energy consumption of the residents considerably. Also regarding mobility, the environment will be taken in account. Provisions for electric bicycles and cars wil also be available of the residents.

The new K-Tower is a product of the craftsmanship of its architect. The avant-garde building not only meets the needs of today but looks equally good in the future. Constructed out of sustainable materials, the tower continues to the flexibility of its structure and concepts available for further developments.