Datacenter AM4 – Amsterdam

Client: Equinix

Architect: Benthem Crouwel

Consultant: Royal Haskoning DHV

Contractor: Dura Vermeer

What we supply:

Engineering, production and montage of

  • Steel Sandwich Cladding
  • Aluminum 3-D Cassette Cladding
  • Profile panel Cladding
  • Total: approximately 12.000 m2

More information: 

The AM4 data center has a volume of 60.6 m long, 30.6 m wide and 72 m high. The masterplan of the Science Park had the vision that the volume of AM4 is perceived as a vertical accent.

The facade of the building is covered with narrow, storey-high steel sandwich panels that are 200mm thick. The panels are 6 m high and 1.2 m wide and fit exactly within the width and length dimensions of the building volume. The transition between the panels, at height of the upper floors, ensures that the number of layers of the tower is readable from the outside . In order to further emphasize the height of the volume, the outer panels of the facade are folded lengthwise and stick out thirty centimeters outwards. (Cassette Cladding)

The cassette panels are composed of a closed section of natural anodised aluminum composite with a transparent coating. This side of the fold goes from (from bottom to top) from narrow to wide. Therefore the building  always reflects more air to the upper side. On the top the panels narrow again, for the benefit of the air passage of the cooling equipment on the roof.

The other side of the panel is black anodized aluminum. This black part of the panel is perforated, which makes it possible for air to be sucked in or blown out at any desired location behind the facade for the purpose of installations.

At the location of the attic maximum required air supply is needed. Instead of perforated panels, air vents have been placed behind the aluminum composite panel.

All of these panels are drawn by the engineers of Prince Cladding and assembled in-house by Prince Cladding.