Prince Cladding Benelux

Prince Cladding designs, assembles, builds and maintains integrated systems for customer- designed cladding, glass systems, ventilation and roofing. In over forty years Prince Cladding – a Dutch family business – has evolved into an overall specialist, who globally builds large projects, beyond the imagination! We thrive on a challenge.

The wide range of experience which has been learned throughout projects around the world, this has given us an advantage. We take this knowledge to create concepts for total cladding construction. These concepts and standards meet up with the requirements demanded by the architects and clients we have worked with in past projects. We strive to comply with the needs and vision of what our client desires. Prince Cladding can show many examples of projects that have specific requirements based on and acoustics, thermal and aesthetics.

A special concept that Prince Cladding has created is ‘total cladding’. This allows the architects to choose from any kind of steel, aluminum or stone they please. Even the most complex designs can be brought to life and realized.

Prince Cladding is well known around the world. It has succesfully completed complex projects. It is precisely in these locations where our specialty can be realized. A great example is the development of air traffic control towers. One of which is in Bonaire, Curacao.

Our knowledge of structures, materials and applications has put us on the world market. We have earned a reputation second to none. Prince Cladding service never ends should you need maintenance in the future, do not hesitate to contact Prince Cladding Restyling.